GIF Breakdown: No One Wants a Used Tooth

You may have missed it, but late last night in the West Coast Conference tournament semifinals, Saint Mary’s Brad Waldow had a tooth jarred out. He stayed in the game, but not before trying to give his tooth to someone, anyone, on the Saint Mary’s bench. No one wanted it, obviously, and the resulting hilarity was captured in GIF form by @bubbaprog (a great follow, by the way, if you don’t follow him already). Let’s break this down, shall we?

  • Brad Waldow (#00, obviously) had a hockey player mentality and there was no way he was coming out. He runs over to the bench to drop off his now disconnected tooth but no one will take it. He offers it to everyone but no one takes it. Apparently, not captured by this GIF is him spiking it after no one takes it. 
  • Randy Bennett (Saint Mary’s head coach) wants NO PART of this AT. ALL. He backs up and then you can actually see the moment where he looks like he may hurl just before point him to give it to anyone else.
  • I love the assistant right next to Bennett. He just stands there and says nothing, does nothing hands at his side.
  • Mitchell Young (#3) is taking a seat on the bench apparently getting a kick of out this whole scene right, grinning ear to ear, before an assistant coach stands up and starts talking to him, completely oblivious to the scene behind him. Young catches himself and tries to hold his smile back as this happens right as Waldow passes in front of him.
  • I’m not sure what the assistant to Waldow’s right is doing. He’s either asking if he’s alright or continuing to coach him as Waldow is dropping the tooth off.
  • The player right next Young standing up looks like he’s about to faint. Definitely a “Oh hell no. Stay away from me bro” face.
  • Meanwhile, the player on Young’s other side is completely unfazed.
  • Maybe my favorite person in this is the player standing behind the bench pointing. He’s in complete shock and you can actually see his jaw drop as Waldow comes over to the bench. It appears he had been watching a replay on the jumbotron and realized what happened to Waldow and it registers on his face.
  • Standing next to the Pointer is either a manager or a staff person who wasn’t paying complete attention, as he definitely does a double take of the situation.
  • Standing behind the Pointer and Staff is some dude eager to get a look at what’s happening. This one happens quick, but he wants to see what’s going on, but can’t.

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